Monday, July 21, 2008

What about Frankenstein!

This is a demo presentation about my video on the net production kit's that I call "Frankenstein" and "Frankie".

Part 1, Intro to this presentation
This intro is a generall talk of why building the Frankenstein kit. An some om my toughts about video on the net.

Part 2, Frankie and how it is set up. both the techi stuff and the webb stuff.
Frankie is the travel version of Frankenstein but still givs me the option of being Live on the net using Bambuser and my Nokia N95 8gb, at the same time recording evrything in hiresulotion using a Sanyo VPC-HD1000. The hires recording can then be edited and uploaded to is my preferd video hosting service, mainly because it is such a good distribution platform. On the techi side of things, beside being ridiculously excited about being able to both being live and record in hires. The two things I'm mostly happy about is the way that I manage to connect my mic:e to both the mobil and the camera. And of course for the gorillapod witch is the best tool ever for the urban media producer!

Bambuser point of view part 2
This is the sequence that I shoot during the presentation. My thought with posting this is so you can get an idea of the difference in audio and visual quality.

Sanyo point of view part 2
This is the clip that i shoot with the Sanoy during my presentation. It is recorded in 640x480 pixels at 30 fps and then directly uploaded to where it's auto converted to a .flv stream in the same resolution but at 15 fps. If i want a 16:9 aspectratio i film in 1280x720 pixel resolution at 30 fps and then i precompressed the movie to 640x360 h264 1500kbits/sec and ACC audio before uploading it.

Part 3, Frankenstein
Pretty much the same as Frankie but 2 audio sources, mixer and camera light.

Getting started with a Nokia N95 8GB and some conclusions
How to make a pro mobil reporter kit, and some thoughts about video on the net.

WEBCam Bambusning using DVCam and a MacBook

This is a refernce clip, using my Panasonic AG-DVC30 and my MacBook. Im starting to think more and more about the benefits of having a brodcasting platform that is divers. Bambuser works as well for a mobil phone as for a full tri-caster studio. I think that is super cool ;-)

Hope that some of this will be of use to you! /Björn


Karin Høgh said...

Absolutely Björn - I think I could even build a Frankenstein ;-) Right now I am trying to decide - N95 or iPhone - if I decide iPhone - will it then be impossible?

Björn Falkevik said...

Hi karin!

At the moment, there is no Bambuser client for the Iphone. On the other hand I don't think you will be able to connect a external microphone to the Iphone as I have done with the N95. And I havent seen any tripod mounts for the Iphone. The DT-22 holder is a fairly rare product!